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MasterMinds are built for agents at every level of production. Whether you’re looking for accountability, problem solving, bigger achievements, enhanced results, or strategic partnerships and collaborations, we’ve got a mastermind for you.

Starting out:
The Foundation

Come prepared to discuss your successes, challenges and opportunities. Your Leaders will be participating in the conversation, not controlling it. This is all about you and supporting your business goals. These events will not be recorded as to ensure that we have a safe place to grow, share and collaborate.

Production level:
0 - 2.5 Million

This mastermind is focused on the skills, tools and mindset for growing your Real Estate business. Whether you are a new agent or just want to make sure you have a solid foundation for growth. This Mastermind series is specifically for agents with a production level of $0 - $2.5 million

Production level:
2.5 - 7 Million

This mastermind is designed for producing agents that are looking to take their business to the next level. Whether your goal is to increase production, profit or master time and energy, this mastermind is for you. This Mastermind series is specifically for agents with a production level of $2.5-$7 million.

Production level:
7 Million +

We are committed to continuing to provide you valuable opportunities to learn, grow and collaborate at the highest level with other top producers, just like you. In these MasterMinds, our focus is all about you and supporting your business goals by identifying challenges, defining your points of success and and implementing strategies in places of opportunity with your fellow top producers. Tap into the unique value for a high-preforming business.

Production level:
15 Million

This is an invitation only monthly MasterMind with the highest producers across each office. Chris Suarez and Ben Kinney will lead conversations about attracting talent, increasing net profit, building wealth and multiple streams of income, as well as tackling some big business challenges. They will be joined by our network leaders, Vija Williams and Leslie Hilbert. Please come ready to collaborate with your fellow top producers as we explore systems that lead us down a path of thinking, netting, receiving, and giving a million.

Stay informed:
Monthly Address

Bringing you the information, stats, tools, and resources that are working in today's market. Join Chris Suarez and special Top Producer guests as they discuss the State of the Industry, and the real-time tactics to thrive right now.